FEBRUARY- 28 days of Happiness.

Days of Happiness is my personal project, a recap for each day of the month, which deals with all the things that made me happy and thankful. I have a fair amount of ups and downs but that doesn’t  stop me to be thankful for each day that I live.

Sadness has been a staple part of me, sometimes it lurks behind my back and evolve into something terrible– depression. When it hits me, together with my anxiety, they slowly make me miserable to get up and do the things I love the most. But I want to turn things around this year so I made this little project of mine to help me cope up with depression and anxiety.

I forgot to mention, this was a personal project of my friend, Anne, which she posted in her twitter. Thanks to her, I look forward to something beautiful each day. 

February has been a bittersweet month. I have to leave my country to pursue my career as an Engineer and find a better opportunity for me to save and help my family. I have to leave all the people I love, including my dogs oh my God I miss them terribly, my best friends, and my dad. But the good news is that I’ll be with my mom for the longest time, and also authentic shawarma!!!

  1.  5-hr nap; Kim Bok Joo!!
  2.  Miss Saigon 25th Anniversary
  3. Finally witnessed how Kim Bok Joo and Joo Hyung’s first kiss
  4.  Learned basic French! Moonrise Kingdom
  5. Morning jog with papa. Back on track in gym. “Be the salt and light of humanity.”
  6. FOUND AN ENTRY LEVEL ENGINEER IN OMAN, hope they will hire me 😦 <–UPDATE: Nope, they don’t need a great Engineer for now.
  7.  2.5 hours of gym and a nice hot bath after.
  8. Morning jog with Papa & Jackson despite not being employed AGAIN.
  9. Divisoria haul!!!!
  10. Home with the dogs
  11. Drugstore makeup haul. Waxed my eyebrows.
  12.  Leg day for. Church! Taosi Fish is love. Shared a tub of ice cream with papa.
  13. Monday blues and jazz
  14. Valentine’s date:ENA! Binondo food trip, National Museum and D’Cream Golden Sun.
  15. Creamy tuna garlic pesto in malunggay pasta
  16.  POEA free information sheet of my mom. This is it, pansit!
  17. Fridate with Je, Tin, Rehann, and Paolo. Silantro. Starbucks. Blue Ombre scarf from them huhu
  18. Tomas Morato (Tita night turned into landi night @ Tony’s ) with ate Nikki, Anne, and Bee.
  19.  Last gym sesh with my favorite gym buddy, Anne 😥
  20. Lee Hak with Tin Carlos and her Chicharon + other pabaon huhu
  21. Picnic Date with Ena and Anne at UP Diliman during golden hour. Last hangout with ate NIkki 😥
  22. Packed all my things for Oman.
  23. First flight: MNL to Abu Dhabi was a success.
  24. Abu Dhabi to Muscat, Oman. Finally get to see mama!!! Attended catechism and met great kids. Lulu supermarket and Alshaik
  25. Carrefour. I get to see the infamous brand: Max.
  26. Ate Nikki’s in Canada 😥 Went to City Center and tried Tim Hortons!
  27. Chicken Shawarma and Pizza is the bomb!
  28. Free KFC Fried Chicken from tita Rose.

See, it’s not that hard to tick the happiness that happened to you even if you had a bad day. I thank God each day for the great things I get to witnessed everyday. Hoping for a strong foundation for this project until the year ends and I hope you’ll do it too.

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