MARCH- 31 Days of Happiness

I know, I know, I’m a lazy blogger. I’ve been sick for a week and was feeling lazy this couple of days because of the things happening around me but I’m not going to mix any emotional details about it in this post.

March has been okay. In terms of life, friends, myself. Nothing ~extra~ happened, but I am really thankful to Him that I get to spend a great amount of time discovering myself. I get to try baking and it has been the most calming thing I’ve done (except maybe the cleaning part), and I’m trying to get back on track by working out.

  1. Ash Wednesday with different nationalities! Got to taste Butter Paneer– best thing ever!
  2. Got to spend a great amount of time in City Centre. Bought my first appliance- ELECTRIC OVEN!!
  3. Birthday celebration of mama’s friend– Kuya Jonald. Got to eat roasted chicken again! (But nothing beats Andoks). Church.
  4. Cleaned the kitchen. Baked a cake but failed. Redeemed myself and made some cookie batter.
  5. Baked some cookies, omg not bad for a first timer. Bought an electric mixer!
  6. Home alone. Caught up with my series and kdrama.
  7. Walked from home to LuLu with chilly air. BIG ASS SHAWARMA PLATE!
  8. Mama slayed her very own Chicken Afritada and reminded us of Butter Paneer. DROP DEAD DIVA marathon.
  9. Happy Birthday, Anne Balyarit!!! Found my favorite turkish cookie– Biskrem. Met ate (Young) Rose, a Filipina, in a coffee shop.
  10. First time to teach Catechism to kids omg na shookt si acoe. Baked sample cookies for the kids and they loved them! Bought new clothes for my working self in the really near future (Pls Lord).
  11. Went to Avenues Mall. Biggest LuLu supermarket. Mom and I hoarded new bras!!! Cheap taxi ride back home TYL.
  12. Cooked lunch for mama and I. Papa watched KingKong. “Prayer transforms us.
  13. Project Positive Vibes.
  14.  Big ass chicken shawarma!
  15. Freshly baked cheesecake brownies.
  16. Proper rest at home.
  17. Baked cookies, peanut butter cookies, and brownies for Catechism kids.
  18. Tita Rose went to back to the Philippines without over baggage! Met ate Jane that helped her with her belongings. Proper sleep, at last!
  19. Start of IELTS review.
  20. Made a legit healthy meal and baked hasselback potatoes. Start of workout again. Back to basics= Blogilates & insanity.
  21. Good morning from Jackson huhu I miss you everyday. Green apples + Green tea.
  22. Back at it again with Insanity workout.
  23. 12-hour worth of sleep with mama. Aaaah the joy of having to sleep with my mom.
  24. Renewed morning church! “Lord, let me see your plans for me and not be blindsighted by what’s not mine.” Cancelled cathecism= more sleep
  25. Interview q&a ready!
  26. First job interview here in Oman. Hired with reservations (Lord please let this be the one). Found Strawberries from Spain!!!!
  27. Sick but made wheat chicken and cheese quesadila!!
  28. Slept all day because of how sick I was. Sweldo na ni mama hahaha.
  29. Woke up before sunrise. Carrot cupcakes with cheesecake frosting!!!!
  30. People loved my carrot cupcakes and want me to make them more (Luh). Staycation with mother.
  31.  Catechism, taught about what they want in their lives in the future and Christmas!!!

I’m going to be honest, rooting for myself to be happy is a battle. I am escaping frequent frustrations about myself. Having zero percent progress in my career disappoints me. Starting my life in another country is another. I am praying so hard that I can still function properly amidst all the rejections that I’ve been to. Remembering that this is only a part of the day, I can still recover for the next 24 hours.

I will push myself to continue this project until the end of the year. Hopefully, no more side-drama.

2 thoughts on “MARCH- 31 Days of Happiness

  1. I love that you have even the small things on here. It’s such a good practice to have tbh 🙂 Please post some recipes that you’ve done and love! Would be great to see the results of a first time baker to encourage fellow first time bakers haha!

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