MARCH- 31 Days of Happiness

I know, I know, I’m a lazy blogger. I’ve been sick for a week and was feeling lazy this couple of days because of the things happening around me but I’m not going to mix any emotional details about it in this post.

March has been okay. In terms of life, friends, myself. Nothing ~extra~ happened, but I am really thankful to Him that I get to spend a great amount of time discovering myself. I get to try baking and it has been the most calming thing I’ve done (except maybe the cleaning part), and I’m trying to get back on track by working out.Read More »

FEBRUARY- 28 days of Happiness.

Days of Happiness is my personal project, a recap for each day of the month, which deals with all the things that made me happy and thankful. I have a fair amount of ups and downs but that doesn’t  stop me to be thankful for each day that I live.

Sadness has been a staple part of me, sometimes it lurks behind my back and evolve into something terrible– depression. When it hits me, together with my anxiety, they slowly make me miserable to get up and do the things I love the most. But I want to turn things around this year so I made this little project of mine to help me cope up with depression and anxiety.

I forgot to mention, this was a personal project of my friend, Anne, which she posted in her twitter. Thanks to her, I look forward to something beautiful each day. Read More »

The ultimate Baguio City Tour

Christine (My ex-roomie/best friend in college) and I saved a pretty good amount of money for our post graduation and board exams celebration. Our original plan was to save up until we can afford a mini Asian tour but 5th year ate us up with too much expenses for my research paper, her thesis, reviews, and whatnot, so we decided to spend our money for local travel. My dad suggested that we go to Aklan for Ati-Atihan and spend our money in Boracay but her parents didn’t agree on such short notice so we just pushed through our North travel.Read More »