The Beginning of the End.

Today, I decided to quit the toxic side of my life and focus on my own happiness. I decided to create this little space (again) since I miss writing, spilling out thoughts, sharing my photos with the world beside my facebook friends, and just stalking people randomly through their writings. I have been blogging since God-knows-when; started from Xanga, to Multiply, then Blogspot, and finally settled myself in Tumblr. I made my tumblr when I was 18, teenage angst with lots of issues and used her blog as an outlet of negativity. Then I took a long hiatus to focus on my degree. Helluva 5 years it was, but hey I made it! Became an Engineer last year, and now taking the corporate world– kidding, I’m still unemployed.

So I welcome myself again to rage on happiness and focus on my growth. I hope this venture of mine will go a long way so when I look back again on my 22-year old self I can say, “hey, great job on life.”

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