The ultimate Baguio City Tour

Christine (My ex-roomie/best friend in college) and I saved a pretty good amount of money for our post graduation and board exams celebration. Our original plan was to save up until we can afford a mini Asian tour but 5th year ate us up with too much expenses for my research paper, her thesis, reviews, and whatnot, so we decided to spend our money for local travel. My dad suggested that we go to Aklan for Ati-Atihan and spend our money in Boracay but her parents didn’t agree on such short notice so we just pushed through our North travel.

I told her if we would go to Baguio, we should see every single attraction there even if one of us already went there. I arranged our accommodation and she planned the itinerary. So we planned ahead (like a day before we went to Baguio) for 3 days and 2 nights of our stay last January  3-5, 2017.

DAY 1: The Arrival

We arrived at the bus station, Victory Liner, at 1:30am and the bus we got was 2:30am. We arrived in Baguio City at 8:00am and went straight to breakfast, Cafe by the Ruins.

We both ordered their Omelet meal. 4/5 for being healthy and hearty meal. What a way to start our day.

After our breakfast, we called our Airbnb and asked if we could leave our things for awhile. Then we went straight to Tam-Awan Village.


Tam-Awan Village has indigenous aesthetics and exquisite Cordilleran craftsmanship with a concept for a village adapting to Baguio setting. Pretty cool, right? Just needs an effort to walk further steps to see the whole village. It has an entrance fee of P30 for students (we used our school IDs) and has pretty cool galleries that showcase artists’ new work.

After that, we went to the Chinese Bell Church but it was closed until 1pm so we went to Strawberry farm instead, just took some photos and waste our time wandering along the field. It was so hot but as we say, push!


After waiting for their opening, we went to the Chinese Bell Church. It was my first time to see this attraction and aesthetically wise, it’s pretty neat! I’m glad it’s open to public since it is a sacred place for Buddhists.


We skipped lunch, our breakfast was too heavy for our tummies that we decided to have some merienda instead. We went to Session Road to try Oh My Gulay but the place was closed already, so we just went to Vizco’s. Reviews say that they have the best Strawberry Shortcake so we ordered a piece of it. I forgot to take some photos because we were just so tired.

After our merienda, we went to the Laperal house or the White HouseIt’s one of the most popular haunted houses here in the country but we weren’t there to haunt some ghosts, Christine said the house was made as a gallery but when we arrived there, the place was closed to public for an indefinite time!


Can you feel how tired we were in these photos? But yes, we want to sleep already! But we pushed through with our itinerary and head straight to the Pink Sisters Convent.

The church is literally Pink! When we entered, it was so quiet and I was so embarrassed that my lens and shutter was so loud and the only sound we heard. Nevertheless, it was so calming and peaceful to pray here.

We decided to head to 50’s Diner, we didn’t order any food except to have some drinks because we’re just so tired, sleepy, and not hungry. I ordered some lemonade and Tin’s had her hot lemonade. Spent a good amount of time until we smelled the other table’s fried chicken, it was our cue to get out and head to our last place: Baguio Craft Brewery.


Baguio Craft’s place was tricky, we did not expect that it was on the top floor with a pretty view of the city! They allowed us to have free tastes of their own crafted beer. I am not a fan of beer, don’t get me wrong I love hard liquor, but we were not pleased with their beer. We just don’t love the bitter after taste of it and man, their beer is not cheap for cheap fresh grads like us. Anyway, we loved their fish and chips!


We ordered the same drink, shared the platter of fish and chips, and as soon as the clock ticks an hour before our curfew we headed out. This wasn’t our highlight for the day, being in bed was our highlight.


DAY 2: Food and Allergy Happenings

A brand new day to explore. We headed straight to Camp John Hay to roam in circles and spent hours of picture-taking. We weren’t allowed to enter the Bell House since it was too early so we decided to have a mini photoshoot instead.


Fresh pine trees and cool breeze welcomed us. I cannot not take hundreds of photos in this area.


I was a tad bit tired to capture the bits and pieces of the place. We went to Cemetery of Negativism and roam around the Bell House. 


We decided to try the infamous Tsokolate de-Batirol since it was just near the Camp John Hay. It was nutty and thick, probably not the typical chocolate drink I would love to drink. Just for the record, I’m a huge chocolate drink fan and as of now, nothing can top Rocci’s in Makati and Starbucks’ signature hot chocolate.



After our pre lunch drink, we had our lunch at Lemons and Olives. The place was surreal, with its view and interior. It was my first time to try some Greek food and I fell in love with the dish instantly! It was healthy and hearty and it will make you feel great after eating it, guilt-free.

_mg_7885_mg_7890 See, I told you this place is great! The next time you go to Baguio, don’t forget to try Lemons and Olives, I highly recommend it.

After our lunch, we head on to Dominican Hill. Creepy as it looks, this is one of the famous haunted places in the Philippines. It has a hint of the UST Main Building since it was established by and for the Dominican Priests. It was also made by Fr. Roque Ruaño O.P., a dominican priest and an engineer who made the UST Main Building.


Largest 10 commandments monument.


I was so scared and right after we went to our place, the owner of our airbnb lit up an incense to make sure no one followed us. You know what I mean by it. We were so scared by it so Tin and I had to share a freaking single bed!!!

Right after our eerily visit, we went to the Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto with 250 steps in it. It was so foggy but we were still sweating.


But we made it to the top. I got to thank Mama Mary for all the prayers, she helped me get through to my last semester and my board examinations. Nothing beat a mother’s prayer.


It was almost night time and we decided to head on to the Mansion and  Wright Park before dinner. We just took some photos and head on to Amare La Cucina to try the best pizza in Baguio. We were still full from our lunch so we had to share a pizza.


By the time we finished our dinner, my camera died. So we waited in SM Baguio until 9PM since Tin wanted to look for some clothes in Session Road’s Night Tiangge. I was feeling under the weather and I had an allergic reaction (I’m allergic to dust and it felt like an asthma attack which by the way, I don’t have). Good thing Red Cross was just around the corner but when we arrived at their center, they didn’t have any first aid like anti-histamine or Ventolin. The guy told me “Sige, magpahinga ka muna. Tubig gusto mo?” I didn’t have any choice but to sit for a couple of minutes but my allergies were not calming down so we decided to find the nearest OPEN mercury drug store. Thank God, there was one near session road.

Day 2 was so ruined because of my allergies but we had fun nevertheless.

DAY 3: Pasalubong atbp.

It was our last day in Baguio and we decided to shop for fresh vegetables and fruits, dry goods, and as for my father’s reminder, his turmeric tea. We went first to  La Trinidad Dry Market to get our healthy staples that are so expensive in Manila: Broccoli, Lemons, Bell Pepers, Lettuce, etc. and then we went straight to Session Road to gather some small pasalubongs for our friends. My father asked for his turmeric tea since it was made from Baguio. They have the same price in Manila but I asked for a discount since I bought too many products so I scored a 25% less!

After buying too many pasalubong for ourselves and for out friends, we fixed our things and checked out. But before we really head down to Manila, we went to our last destination for this day which is the Ben Cab Museum.


So Baguio was fun, a year starter to adulthood before it consumes all our time. It was our first time to have no adult supervision and just the two of us. Maybe someday, if we have enough money, we can push the Asian tour but for now we want to explore different provinces in the Philippines. The next time I come back here, I’ll just spend it with another batch of restaurants yet to explore with my parents of course (it’s much better when my parents handled everything financially).

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